Graphic designer and illustrator.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected in 2013, México Iberoamerican Illustration catalogue
Selected in 2014, Sharjah Children’s reading festival exhibition
Selected in 2014, Ukranie Cow Design festival
Selected in 2014, Portugal Illustration Festival
Selected in 2015, Sharjah Children’s reading festival exhibition
Special mention in 2015, Orecchio Acerbo contest "Capucceto Rosso"
White Raven 2015, A simple vista, Editorial Amanuta, Chile
Selected in 2016, Italy, Bologna children's book fair Illustrators exhibition
Finalist in 2016 for Silent book contest, Italy
Distinguished Merit award, 2016, Un hueco's cover, 3x3 Magazine
Award 2016, for "Cuéntame más", picture book, SM Argentina editions

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